What’s New

We have an email address for site administration.

A form that can forward email to key contacts from the site. It would send to the email address and forward it to Board Members.


See “Contact.”


An Events Calendar for our events and those near us:


See “Events.”


Thanks to Brad for adding more events.


A Members Map for where some of our members are located (Only Full Name and Zip Code required). A page can be set up with Full names and addresses for members only to see. For the public, we’ll not allow it for privacy.


See “Member Locations.”


Some site users (Editors, Contributors) can gather site visitor stats to see how well we’re doing. I suspect it will peak in September. The site may increase visibility and Rally Attendance. We use the former domain name that was well published on the MOA site. People will have a landing page to hit from external links.


Board members post comments and blog posts. I can show people how to do this. It seems complicated at first but once you get the hang of it. It’s cake.


A Facebook Group has been re-done. It will kindly suggest going to the website. I’m not really a fan of Facebook.


Website membership isn’t open to the public. It requires people to inform us they want to join. I can create accounts for everyone on our email list. It would be up to them to allow the link in there email message to join. I just don’t want to do this without asking first.


Comments are allowed for members. They go in a moderation queue that needs an Okay to appear on the site. Once “Blessed” they can further comment without moderation. I can allow some select people to post or comment at will without moderation. We can prevent people from posting or commenting if they get out of hand.


Anyone can see and view the site as a visitor. It doesn’t require having an account. It does to participate.


The site uses “anti-spam” measures. Forms can’t be submitted without a Captcha. Rouge users can’t join.


The site is secured with SSL (That padlock thing) and encrypted. No form leaves data to prying eyes.


One option is for the treasurer to create a PayPal Account. This would allow dues and gifts to the Chapter. This would be totally isolated from me or the site and would go directly the the Chapters PayPal account. PayPal or other sites like Paetron allow a very secure way to collect funds. The site never touches the account, it just sends a user to PayPal to make the donation. This isn’t active, just an idea.


I have a  “Register” form similar to the one the Indy chapter has. It could include due collection by PayPal (It’s safer that me making one) or simply be a form sent to review and accept later using traditional collection methods. Since our By-Laws require two active members to approve a new member, we’ll not do any “auto membership.” The form itself reminds people they “aren’t members yet.” Nothing is automatic, it’s simply a request.


That form is a membership request that gets vetted. It’s main purpose is to gather information about potential members. We could simply keep this page hidden and let people we know  go to this form.


Membership Request