Vario Case Footman Loops

Short overview of adding footman loops to vario cases.


Note that there is a ideal mounting point on the top of the cases. This area is simply a cover and requires no drilling in the inner case.


The footman loop is 1 inch long. This is the length of the inner loop itself. I got mine here:


Metal Footman Loops


I used an 8/32 Phillips screw 1/2 long and locknuts and washers.


Open the side case.


Remove the Torx screws holding the top panel of each side.


Remove the locking mechanism by removing the 3 Phillips head screws. 1 short screw is in the middle. If anything the actual yellow locking tab may drop out. Hold it in place.


Remove the 2 additional Torx screws under the locking mechanism.


Eyeball the outside top of the case. You need to ensure the lock nut for your 8/32 Phillips screw is outside of the bevel in the inside of the case.

Continued due to attachment limit…


Note the locking nut will be seated in the area were the screwdriver is shown. I also used a washer and a dab of silicon sealant.


You can scuff up the screw head with sand paper and paint it with enamel touchup paint. Might want to do this before you mount the loop. I’m touching them up in the photo.


I elected not to mount a loop on the opposite side since there’s plenty of anchor points on the rear rack or simply using Rok Straps across to the other side.


The Vario top case can also accept a footman loop using the same technique. Issue is the opposite site would be a little strange. The area on the opposite side goes near the hinge itself. The opposite side isn’t as ruggedly mounted. I’ll likely do this later and post the photos.