K75S for sale



Cost - Free
First Name - Ian
Last Name - Jackson
Email - hoosierbeemers@gmail.com
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As you can tell by the photo this bike is in very good shape minus a few minor scratches that accumulate over time. If your familiar with these early “Brick” K they run quiet and simply do not vibrate at all. Very smooth. The Speedo is fully functional, the fuel light works.

Fuel filter has been replaced with a new OEM filter and hoses. Everything needed for a ridable functioning bike. Splines lubed.

40K miles.

Serious inquiries only. I’m not a motivated seller.

1992 K75S with:

  • Side and top cases, keyed.
  • Worx Rear shock.
  • New Aero Windscreen
  • Stock windscreen
  • New Metzler Tires.
  • New rally grips
  • Rubber parts replaced, crank case vent and fuel lines.
  • New fuel filter and support.
  • 2 Each extra Y-Spoke Rims
  • New plugs
  • Spline fully fictional and Lubed in November 2016 got 15K until next service.
  • All fluids changed
  • Speigler Steel Braided Brake lines.
  • Extra clutch cable
  • Additional parts
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