February 2018 Meeting minutes

Hoosier Beemer

Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2018

Location: BMW Motorcycles of Louisville

Prior to the meeting, many members visited Commonwealth Motorcycles, where there was a lot of looking and touching, but no buying.

Andy Fountain presided over the meeting in the absence of Jeff Kernen.

11 club members were present.

Old business discussion consisted of confirmation that a $100 check had been sent to the MOA foundation, and that our rally ad that been sent to the MOA.

This led to new business discussion on how the link in the rally ad was tied to the new (revived) Hoosier Beemer web page. A lot of questions concerning how club members can register, view and add content. Follow up with Ian Jackson concerning the web page capabilities will be required.

The Sturgis MI rally has been moved to Delton MI May 4-6.

The European Motorcycle Rally is May 17-20 in Burkesville, KY.

Treasurer report: Ample

Discussion was held on how to improve early morning coffee at our rally this year.

A great deal of discussion was held on where to go for lunch since the planned Mexican restaurant was closed.

The meeting was adjourned and most members had lunch a fairly decent deli, after two other choices were not available.

After lunch many members visited Retro Wrench, a repair and custom motorcycle shop specializing on 1960/70/80/90 bikes.

Club update.

We are considering the following options for the website. Nothing here is carved into stone at present. It requires a vote.


  1. Set up a PayPal account (or similar) to accept donations for the operation of the website. The cost per month is ~ $5. This is the lowest cost available.
  2. Use the PayPal Button to accept membership dues.
  3. Create accounts for Club officers. They will have elevated privileges on the website to author content and add events.
  4. Providing a list of Officers in the About section. No other information will be provided other than full name and role.
  5. The site will be available to all visitors, areas of the site will be closed to the general visiting population.
  6. Members of the site will require vetting by officers and be up to date in dues. For instance, you are a due paying member but lapsed for a year. You are still a member of the site, but if you had a role of “Contributor” you will lose permissions to post or schedule events. You will still have access to the site as a general visitor.

The President has been added as an admin to the Facebook page “Hoosier Beemers.” Jeff Kernen has all the permissions to add new members, block members and create posts. The Facebook Page is open to membership for people interested in Hoosier Beemers. It isn’t the primary presence on the Internet. I recommend we add Brad Ulery as a Facebook admin for Hoosier Beemers. These roles will ensure this group can be maintained and vetted by people with more familiarity with the Club.


While club growth is a good thing, we aren’t devoting our internet presence  to increasing membership at artificially high levels.


February Winter trip To Louisville

Good afternoon Hoosier Beemers!  Man its been a rough winter for 2 wheels but hopefully this will be over soon!  Saturday, February 24 is the date we set for our winter trip to Louisville.  I will not be able to attend but VP Andy Fountain will lead the trip in my stead.

Anyone who wants to carpool down,  should meet at the Cracker Barrel in Scottsburg.  Leaving the restaurant at 9:30 so if you want to eat get there a little early.  First stop will be Commonwealth Motorcycles and then on to BMW of Louisville where Andy will preside over a short meeting!

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Hello Riders!

Welcome to the upcoming Hoosier Beemers motorcycle club of Southeast Indiana.

With members in:

  • Bloomington
  • Columbus
  • Madison
  • Nashville
  • Seymour

We’ve brought back the Hoosier Beemers website from a long hiatus! There’s more than corn in Southern Indiana, there’s the twisting roads and BMW motorcycles.

So why a website? To communicate our clubs activities to current and potential members. There’s a number of items we’ll cover here.

  • By-Laws.
  • Organizational structure.
  • Rides and events.
  • Swap/Trade area.
  • Club and User image gallery.


I’m currently working on the graphic representation of this site. The images are subject to change. I’ve elected to go “vintage” for the introduction. Those with account can view other trial images in the site’s library.

Any ideas? Pitch them.