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If you follow the Hoosier Beemers group on facebook you’re aware I’d like to create a T-Shirt and Rally badge. It’s a great way to let people know who we are and gain visibility for the club.

Yes, I’ve pretty much taken the lead ahead of a vote and I apologize for this. However here’s a few things to consider;

  • Finding and hiring a graphic artist isn’t easy. They can be hard to find and may not “get” the feel of the club. They can be expensive.
  • We need to license artwork they used.
  • Finding a shop to create the shirts takes time.

Having done a little research I’ve found the best option is to create an Amazon Merchant account. This allows me to create the graphics, upload the artwork and create a shopping cart, site and links for people to order the shirts they like. Amazon makes the shirts. You simply select the shirt you want and order it from Amazon. I don’t handle shipping, that’s up to the backend merchant that creates the shirt.

The good news is don’t have any inventory and don’t have to pay for the shirts up front in a group. I can create new designs and give buyers the option to purchase the size, style and color they like.

We’ll have two shirt options.

  • A standard T-shirt with the logo only on the front.
  • A Premium T-shirt with a logo on the front and the “Hoosier Beemers” on the back.
  • Each shirt gives you the choice of the Club Logo and a Muscatatuck Rally Badge.

One issue is finding a non-copyrighted image. Amazon doesn’t allow anyone to use unlicensed images. Unfortunately I’ve found that BMW Group has very strict requirements of the use of the BMW Logo. I’ll look further into this to see how it can be used. This means no BMW Logo or reference to BMW.

So far I have 3 designs. A Rally Badge and a Club shirt. One is “retro” styled and only available in dark colors, there’s a short sleeve and long sleeve version of the shirts. At one point I may add the option of a sweatshirt.

I can also post the image so people can make their own T-Shirts with Avery Ink-Jet Iron-on Transfer paper. I’ve done a few experiments with creating decals, shirts and magnetic decals. It can be very time consuming and subject to errors. Having a merchant make the shirts is a far quicker option. Contact Ian Jackson if you need the master images to make your own.

Coming Soon
Interested in a Hoosier Beemer T-Shirt?
Interested in a Hoosier Beemer T-Shirt?
Interested in a Hoosier Beemer T-Shirt?

I’ll post more information on this process here and Facebook.

Take a look at the badge gallery. The designs are subject to change. Suggestions welcomed.

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