October 27 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

October27, 2018

Location: Dave Knotts home, Seymour In

12 members were present (after finding Dave’s house in the woods).

Jeff Kernen reviewed the results of September’s rally. All vendor who provided door prizes were sent thank you notes and pictures of the happy winners. The group discussed if we should pull the door prize numbers early and post the results next year to avoid the long drawing procedure on Saturday evening. We agreed to keep the drawing the same as always, since we believe that the drawing for prizes in front of the group waiting for dinner was entertaining for all.

The coffee and soda duty for the rally should be split between two people next year.

 Coffee and soda was cash positive.

There were 139 rally participants this year, a new record. Next year’s rally will be September 27-29. We should add a place on the rally registration form to indicate first time attendees, and how they heard about our rally.

3 new members were voted in by the group. One more application needed additional clarification before we could vote.

The Christmas party will be at the Courtland firehouse, December 2nd at 1:00PM. Bring your own table service. Fried chicken will be the main course. Everyone should bring side dishes. There will be a $15 limit gift exchange. ff

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