April 21, 2018 Meeting minutes

Hoosier Beemer

Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2018

Location: Overlook Restaurant, Leavenworth, IN

Group ride started in Salem, IN to lunch meeting at the Overlook Restaurant. Group stopped on the way down to visit with Gunther in Fredericksburg and admire his barn full of motorcycles. Gunther had just acquired a R69S at auction which was very original.

The club meeting was held at lunch, 9 members were present.

The update to the club website was discussed. Moving the site to an Amazon server to improve performance was approved. This will cost the club $5 per month.

Jeff reported that 2 Rally prizes have been received, and the Rally as has been submitted to the MOA Owners News.

The next meeting will be 23 June at Bill & Carla Russel’s home.

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