We’ve brought back the Hoosier Beemers website from a long hiatus! 

So why a website? To communicate our clubs activities to current and potential members. There’s a number of items I’d like to see us cover here:

  • By-Laws.
  • Organizational structure.
  • Rides and events.
  • Swap/Trade area.
  • Club and user image gallery.
  • Our Sponsors.

In essence, www.hooiserbeemers.org is our online rally point. I would recommend those that hold an active position have an account here to create events and blog posts.

One of the reasons we’ve brought this site back is to have a site dedicated to our club without being under the umbrella of Facebook. Many of our users still use Facebook, so we’ll continue to maintain a group there. There will be no big brother here, constantly monitoring your every mouse click to target ads to you, no “Like and Share” chain mails. Your conversations won’t be scrubbed to find your interests.

This site is a work in progress. The foundation is being laid for more information, features, tools to communicate with our local members and present a positive image of our club to a wider audience.

  • Check the Blog posts for the latest stories.
  • Review the Event calendar.
  • Contact “The Rider” and request an account.

Stay tuned, warmer weather is around the corner!